A world class, globally recognized sport psychology course for anyone looking to develop their coaching resume, add value to their coaching structures or simply develop new skills. This course is internationally certified by the IMGCA. See below for curriculum details.

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6 Weeks

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15 July 2021

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1. The role of the mental coach

The first chapter in this course covers the potential roles that a mental coach can play within a team environment or with individual athletes. We cover mentoring roles, counselling skills and mental skills development for individual athletes as well as team culture, building teams and management support for team environments.

2. Thought Processes

First, we will look into how thinking plays a role in our psyche, specifically during performance. Then we will dig into different intervention strategies, including the 4-step process of changing the way our athletes think. Here we will learn how to implement the theory in practical situations in the performance world.

3. Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness and mental strength are assessed within a theoretical framework after which we analyse the difference between mental strength and emotional strength. We then look at strategies to develop mental strength, the role of nature and nurture and practical implementations for coaches to consider.

4. Performance Anxiety

In this chapter we do a critical analysis of the theoretical considerations for performance anxiety. We then look at anxiety as a trait and anxiety in a present state and how a coach should approach the different constructs. We end the chapter looking at the role of emotional intelligence and how coaches can develop this in their athletes.

5. Focus and Concentration

This chapter takes a deep dive into the confusing concepts of concentration and focus. We assess the difference between the two and take a critical look at why athletes tend to lose focus or concentration. We then end the chapter discussing how concentration and focus can be a prerequisite for getting into a flow state, and how coaches can assist athletes in this regard.

6. Performance Optimization

This Chapter considers flow state as the optimal mental state for performing consistently. We assess how each of the skills covered in this course can lead to performance optimization and the importance of taking a holistic approach to mental development for performance. We end with a final case study assignment.



Nic Venter

Msc. Psychology

Bhons Sport Science and Psychology

Applied Sport Psychology level 2

Nic is a qualified psychologist and sport scientist. He combines his extensive experience in both fields to develop cutting edge programs for high performing athletes and teams. His experience includes Pro Cricketers, UJ High Performance Sport,  Paralympians and Olympians and various national athletes and sportsmen.





Locally Endorsed for 20 CPD points through the Register of Exercise and Sport Professionals South Africa. REPSSA is responsible for the auditing and endorsement of all sports and exercise coaches and educational programs


Internationally certified and accredited through the International Mental Game Coaching Association, sitting in the United States as the most respected mental coaching association worldwide,



Performance Coach

Become a performance coach for individuals or teams as you combine your learnt skills from this course with your knowledge of sports coaching or fitness and conditioning.

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Mental Skills Assistant

Become a mental skills specialist assisting individuals or teams in a high performance environment with the development of strong mental and cognitive processes.

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Sport Psychologist

With further training in psychology you can become a qualified sport psychologist, working with world class teams or athletes across the world. This is a fast developing field in the world of sport.

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