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We provide a range of assessment tools, ranging from EQ, personality and leadership assessments, available to all ages


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EQ coaching for business people, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders. Develop leadership skills, decision making skills and critical thinking.



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Assist teachers in taking an EQ focused approach to teaching and building a stimulating class environment.


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High Performance coaching course for coaches. An internationally accredited course covering all things performance and psychology.


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Assist coaches in taking an EQ focused approach to team management and building a healthy competitive environment.


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Emotional Intelligence program aimed at developing emotional skills to enhance behaviour, communication and performance in teens and kids.


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EQ focused parenting techniques to help you develop your kid's communication and emotional  management skills.


An environment focused on high-functioning and motivated people can be the difference you've been looking for in your organization. Emotional Intelligence has been identified as the number one skill needed to be successful in business. 

 The benefits of emotionally intelligent people range from solution-focused, creative thinking to self-understanding and leadership enhancement. We help individuals and organizations create this culture through in-depth assessment, coaching and consultation.


We offer bespoke personnel development solutions, tailored to the needs of your organization. Whether you're looking for development programs, EQ assessments, leadership development or individual solutions, we're hear to assist you. Our EQ facilitators are highly qualified, highly experienced and ready to help you reach your professional and organizational goals.

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We provide EQ, leadership and personality assessments to individuals and groups for development and decision-making purposes. Our assessments services include extensive feedback and consultation and are provided by experienced professionals.

Our assessments include the TEIQue (Trait Emotional Intelligence questionnaire), the HPTi (High Potential Trait Inventory) and the Integrative Enneagram. Each assessment assists the client to gain a better level of self-understanding, understand their emotional intelligence traits, identify areas for self-improvement and gain a better understanding of their inter-personal relationships. 

We complete the assessments with personalized coaching and consultation to assist the client in integrating what they learn into their daily lives. We help identify areas of development and implement behavioural interventions to reach the desired outcomes of the client. Contact us now to book your assessment.



Emotional Intelligence has been shown to improve cognitive functioning, social integration, anxiety management and overall performance. We offer personalized coaching programs to help our clients reach their optimal potential.

Our coaches are trained and experienced in coaching skills, corporate leadership, psychology and emotional intelligence. Once we meet you we will pair you with a coach that suits your needs and has the relevant experience to help you achieve your goals.

We also offer group coaching to staff, personnel, teams and small groups. Here the focus is on optimizing leadership, team or group cohesion, performance and problem-solving. Contact us below to find out more about coaching, alternatively, send us an email to book your consultation as soon as you're ready!

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We believe that offering emotional intelligence programs to the youth is one of the most important things we can do. EQ development is largely ignored in the traditional education system, although EQ has been identified as the most important factor in predicting success. 

Our EQ programs follow the guidelines of the world's leading EQ specialists and researchers, and have been tailored to fit the unique needs of South African children. Our programs are available to any child between the ages of 7 and 16. We are able to offer personalized programs to anyone outside of these age groups after consultation with them and their parents/teachers.

We do not aim to replace any education, but rather enhance the development of your child's mind. We strive to develop whole-brain thinking, creative and confident children, helping them reach their optimal potential.