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Our emotional intelligence development programs for kids between the ages of 10 and 16 will help your child reach new heights . Each program is customized for the individual, based off the initial assessment. All programs follow a rough outline and curriculum that can be seen below.

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4 Weeks

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week 1: Self Awareness

The first week, consisting of two 60 minute sessions, focuses on developing self-awareness with regard to one's emotional profile. We look at the 5 steps in how our emotions start and how they lead to behaviour and consequences. We then identify the stimulus for each emotional response identified as problematic or beneficial.

week 2: Emotional Perception

The second week focuses on how we perceive the emotions of others. Here we look at the benefits of identifying emotional states and triggers in colleagues, teammates or family members. This skills is highly beneficial in mitigating conflict, understanding the emotional energy in a room and adapting our behaviour to be more fitting in these situations.

week 3: Emotional Management

the emotional management week leads on from week 2, in that we now develop the skills to not only perceive the emotions of others but also to manage the emotions of others. Emotional management refers to managing and influencing the emotions of those around us. This is highly beneficial in leadership, group work and in careers such as sales.

week 4: Emotional Expression

The last week focuses on developing the ability to effectively express our emotions. The focus in this week is to learn how to communicate effectively, share our feelings effectively and mitigate conflict. We then cover the ability to communicate based on the emotional state of others in the conversation and reaching solutions that best fit everyone, regardless of the situation.





EQ development leads to personal growth and self development, building self-esteem, confidence and effective behaviours


EQ has been identified as the number one skill needed for effective leadership. Our programs focus on fundamental leadership skills for kids


EQ skills lead to higher empathy, emotional expression and perception, leading to better relationship building and management


High EQ is directly linked to better stress and anxiety management, leading to better performance in all aspects of life.


Nic Venter

Msc. Psychology

EQ Specialist Coach

Nic is a qualified psychologist and specialist coach. He has in-depth experience in emotional intelligence and completed his masters thesis on the topic. He has developed EQ programs for countless schools and youth development associations.



Reinette Venter

Bcom Economics

Integrative Enneagram Practitioner

Reinette has over 25 years experience in upper management and corporate leadership. She co-founded and ran a top tier financial company for 20 years, with focus on client and employee wellness and human resources. Reinette is also an integrative enneagram practitioner and EQ coach.

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EQ online program

billed per program or monthly by arrangement


R3500 per program (4 weeks)

Basic +

basic fees + 2 parent sessions @ R250/session


Further coaching at R350/45min


EQ continuous coaching

Billed at one session per week, payment plans available

per session


(45-60 minutes)


R1400 (R350/session)


R2400 (R300/session)