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High performance coaching is relevant to all sporting and performance codes. In this course you will develop the necessary skills to implement both psychological and physiological performance aspects to your coaching career. See below for more details on this course.

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8 Weeks

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14 July 2021


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1.Performance Nutrition

The first section discusses the different roles of a performance coach. We take a holistic view of all the primary roles and also do an in-depth discussion of the potential secondary roles. We assess the different factors that play a role in performance and the importance of a performance coach to be skilled in as many of these factors as possible.

2. Career Management

In this section we discuss how a performance coach can optimize their careers and become successful in this niche field. We assess the importance of business management, effective and organic marketing through building positive relationships with clients, and key interpersonal such as effective communication. We then analyse the coaching development pyramid.

3. Mental Skills and Performance

In this section, consisting of 3 chapters, we discuss all the relevant psychological aspects that can influence performance. This includes developing mental skills such as effective imagery, mindfulness and thought processes, as well as developing strong self-esteem and mental toughness in our athletes. We then consider how the mental processes play a critical role in underpinning physical performance.

4. Performance Conditioning 

This section, consisting of 3 chapters, covers all things related to optimizing physical performance through movement and physiological sciences. We consider assessment, correction and intervention strategies as well as periodization, programming and session planning. We then put the course together and consider how coaches should approach clients using all of the skills learnt in a holistic manner.




Eduan Viljoen

Bsc Human Movement Sciences

CrossFit level 1 and 2

Applied Sport Psychology level  2

Eduan is a qualified sport scientist, CrossFit level 2 coach and highly experienced performance coach. He specializes in functional training, weightlifting, Sports conditioning and corrective exercises. He is the owner of his own CrossFit and High Performance Gym and coaches more than a 100 athletes on a weekly basis.  

Nic Venter

Msc. Psychology

Bhons Sport Science and Psychology

Applied Sport Psychology level 2

Nic is a qualified psychologist and sport scientist. He combines his extensive experience in both fields to develop cutting edge programs for high performing athletes and teams. His experience includes WP Cricket, UJ High Performance Sport,  Central Gauteng Lions and various national athletes and sportsmen.





Locally endorsed for 20 CPD points through the Register of Exercise and Sport Professionals South Africa. REPSSA is responsible for the auditing and endorsement of all sports and exercise coaches and educational programs



Performance Coach

Become a professional performance coach in your private capacity or within a team structure in which your roles to to optimize performance for individuals through implementing a range of mental and physical skills and interventions.

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Skills Specialist

Become a skills specialist in a chosen sport that you have extensive knowledge in. This course will compliment your ability to develop key skills and identify areas in need of improvement, with an emphasis on mental and movement skills.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Elite Sport Coach

This course will assist you in developing your coaching skills and arsenal of tools in order to develop a team to optimal performance. This is applicable to any sport as the focus is on applying these skills to a wide range of sports.

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