Short Courses

These courses range from 6 hours to 12 hours and are completed online via written and video content. Develop key skills and techniques as a coach or athlete to optimize peak performance. We are able to offer these course in person if you so choose. Please contact us for more information.

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$100 (R1500)

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March 2021

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Visualisationand Imagery

We offer an online short course in visualization and imagery in sports performance. In this course we identify the differences between visualization and imagery, we explain why this tool is so effective and give practical guidelines on how best to use it.


Part of this course is practical as we would like our athletes and coaches to experience it first hand and leave the course with enough experience to implement the skill on your own.

There are many different approaches to imagery and visualization and many different scenarios in which one can use it. More importantly, there are times where visualization may be more effective and times where imagery would be more effective. 

This course is 8 hours in total length and you are able to finish it on your own time. Participants can request a personal one on one call with an instructor at the completion of the course.


lecture 1: Theory of Visualization and Imagery

lecture 2: Effectiveness of Imagery techniques

lecture 3: Visualization techniques and scenarios

lecture 4: Imagery techniques and scenarios

Next Start Date: Any Start Date

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Mindful Coaching

Mindfulness has risen in popularity over the last decade and the sporting world has quickly come to the party. Mindfulness can simply be defined as radically expanding your awareness. In this course, we will aim to radically expand your awareness around your philosophy, approach and techniques

This is a 10 hour course with a focus on self-awareness, emotional management and interpersonal skills development. We also offer training in mindful techniques and skills to implement as a coach, both in practice and outside of practice. These include breathwork techniques, meditative practices and movement practices.

After the course, participants may request a personal one on one video call with an instructor, to ask any questions or discuss any aspects of the course.


Lecture 1: What is Mindful Coaching

Lecture 2: Becoming Self-Aware

Lecture 3: Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 4: Interpersonal Skills

Lecture 5: Mindfulness techniques

Next Start Date: Any Start Date


Flowstate and Focus

This course is still in development and will be available shortly

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