We offer a range of performance and health based services. See below for a detailed description of what we can do for you.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching raises performance in individuals, teams and organizations. We offer individual coaching and performance training for people to help them fulfill their potential so that they can achieve the goals they have set out for themselves.


High Performance Management includes sport-specific conditioning and optimal development of key skill sets in line with your specific needs​.

We manage all external factors in your life that may have an effect on your optimal performance. This includes but is not limited to nutrition, sleep, mobility, rehabilitation and recovery.

In a nutshell, we will find the best solutions for your specific goals.



Mental coaching refers to specific mental methods of increasing an individuals cognitive features in respect to their behaviours. It wholesomely improve an individuals cognitive abilities and mental skills. Mental coaching can benefit individuals in sports, arts, business or general well-being. The aim in mental coaching is to redevelop specific neural-pathways that determine our thought and behaviour.

Some of the skills we develop include focus, concentration, emotional intelligence, accessing the flow-state, resilience, decision-making, positive and effective thought processing, etc. 


We make use of techniques such as neuro-stimulation, mindfulness-based training, CBT, hypnosis and breathwork to compliment our services.

Health Coaching

Health coaches are experts on human behavior, motivation, and health. They are “change agents” who help their clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits.

success comes from basic steps like helping clients set goals and create action plans, but much of the success also comes from:

  • A coach’s presence

  • How coaches listen and what they listen for

  • The types of questions that coaches ask

  • The collaborative relationship that coaches develop with clients

You can think of health coaching as sitting at the intersection of health information and behavior change. Health coaches have a working knowledge of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition. They understand how these contributors to health affect the body, which helps them understand and empathize with clients’ health challenges.



EQ coaching refers to developing specific methods of increasing an individuals emotional intelligence. We focus on the four pillars of emotional intelligence, namely self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management and relationship management.


EQ coaching can be highly beneficial for any individual, and has shown to drastically improve a person's leadership, employability, dealing with pressure and mental strength. EQ is also beneficial to sportsmen and sportswomen. Recent science has shown a strong correlation between high EQ levels and low performance anxiety levels. Mentorship forms part of this process for individuals who need a stable mentor in their life that can assist in developing critical life skills.

EQ coaching can happen on an individual basis or in small groups. We have provided EQ coaching to classrooms and small groups in the past as part of the LO curriculum of a school. We encourage all parents to also attend EQ coaching sessions in order to better understand the development of the child's mind and emotional processes. We also provide workshops in EQ for schools, students, coaches or parents. Contact us for more information.